Cory Segall 

Real Estate Agent 

I’ve been raised and have lived in this wonderful city for over 25 years and appreciate its amazing weather, activities and lifestyle. Being a real estate agent in San Diego takes determination and consistency in order to stand out from the rest. I love the city and I’m excited to help my clients and their families find the home of their dreams. Having been involved with real estate for over 10 years, I value myself on customer service and loyalty and I know what it takes in order to create clients for life.


Golfing has been one of the most important parts of my life for more than 25 years. It made my relationship with my grandfather closer and was the catalyst for my strong drive and work ethic. I put in the hard work and it got me recruited to play on a top tier D1 college golf team.

I learned so much about myself through golf. I learned how important it is to be focused and that you need to have a solid plan to be successful. Today, I use a lot of the tools I learned from playing golf to better my daily routines – especially being a real estate agent.


I’m a different type of Realtor than you may be used to. In addition to being a licensed real estate agent, I am also a highly experienced Investor with a proven history of success in the “flipping” business. I lived in North Carolina for five years and excelled in purchasing and renovating houses. I learned how to find the best opportunities, what renovations would bring the greatest returns and how to be incredibly profitable “fixing and flipping” homes.

Today, I use that unique skill set to educate my clients. Together we are able to find amazing properties and make smart investments. In the end, my clients get the benefit of a beautiful home and a way to increase their own income.

Family Diner

My family built a 40’s inspired diner called Studio Diner in 2003 and it is now a staple in San Diego.  The diner has been featured on the hit show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”

We are so proud as a family that the community loves the diner and raves about the food. If you want a no-pressure real estate consultation, let’s meet at the diner. I would love to learn about your real estate needs and share my expertise.

SDSU Graduate

Staying in San Diego and going to SDSU was by far one of the best decisions and accomplishments I have made. I value all the amazing experiences I had with academics and athletics. I built great friendships here locally, and got to travel the world with the golf team.

The connections I made in school are still a big part of my success today. I have an impressive network of contacts and use those relationships to the benefit of my real estate clients.