About Leucadia

Leucadia is located north of Encinitas and south of Carlsbad. The beachside community is known for its funky vibe and independently owned stores, restaurants and shops (you won’t find a Starbucks here). The town offers three secluded beaches and a scenic oneway street, Neptune Avenue, with beachfront homes situated upon the cliff overlooking the pacific ocean. Leucadia is the perfect fit for those looking for a place off the beaten track.

With beaches such as Grandview, Beacon’s and Stone Steps, Leucadia attracts surfers and families looking for a relaxed atmosphere. You’ll also find an eclectic array of surf shops, boutiques, and cafes lining the main street area. The favorite Happy Hour spot is Le Papagayo where you can enjoy a taste of Latin American cuisine and locals always stop by Pannikin for a coffee and pastry in the morning. Plus, you’ll find one-of-kind Lou’s Records which has survived the digital age. This town is truly different than any of it’s neighboring counterparts and is set apart from the rest with its “Keep Leucadia Funky” motto.