About Rancho Santa Fe

Rancho Santa Fe was established in 1928 and has an emphasis on agriculture. The community is known for its commitment to preserving the rural landscapes. The city is commonly referred to as the Covenant and refers to an agreement among property owners to preserve and maintain the character of the community as well as its landscape.

Today, the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe encompasses roughly 10 square miles and is home to around 4,300 residents. Near the center of the Covenant is the Village of Rancho Santa Fe, with shops, restaurants, other commercial businesses and the historic Rancho Santa Fe Inn.

Near the village you can find The Roger Rowe School. The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club is located in the heart of the Covenant. The area also consists of spacious low-density, large-lot residential development where the average lot size is more than two acres. Intertwined throughout the community and countryside you will find a private equestrian and hiking trail network. The privacy, safety and rural character of the community draws many families to call this pristine location home.